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17 Pictures That Are Way Too Real For People Who Hate First Dates

Let the awkwardness commence.

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1. OMG you finally did it... you stepped out of your shell. You're going on a date!

NBC / Via

2. But if you're anything like me, you know that first dates are actually the worst.


3. You just want to be comfortable around them already but there's all this fucking pressure.

Fox / Via

4. Because it's too early to show the "real" you.


5. Dates are basically a live Q&A.

6. There's a high probability that you'll say something you shouldn't.

MTV / Via

7. It's really so...much...effort.

Paramount / Via

8. The anxiety that first dates can cause is sometimes sickening.

9. Sometimes you have to spend money BEFORE you even step foot on the date.

NBC / Via

10. You just want to cancel so you don't have to deal with it.

11. You finally get there and then just stare at each other.

TV Land / Via

12. The smartest of people already have a backup plan set up (just in case).

Freshpet / Via

13. But, on the bright side at least you'll probably get complimented.

Dreamworks / Via

14. You have to worry about drinking too much.

Columbia Pictures / Via

15. It really makes you wonder sometimes why time machines don't exist.

Universal Pictures

16. When it comes time to pay, you never really know what to do...

vrt / Via

17. Actually you know what, at the end of the day... you're probably just better off alone.

HBO / Via

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