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    25 Situations That Only Serious Germophobes Can Relate To

    Hand sanitizer stay on deck.

    Life for germophobes can be pretty...rough.


    1. But germophobes go to great lengths to remain healthy.

    2. Everyday tasks become complicated when napkins aren't close by.

    3. We take it upon ourselves to perform acts of valor for everyone around.

    4. When it comes to oral hygiene, an extra layer of protection is absolutely necessary.

    5. I mean... Think about it, how many people have touched this thing after all?

    6. You may not think to bring Saran Wrap on a trip but REAL germophobes do.

    7. Who knew remotes carried so many germs?

    8. If you go to a public bathroom, this is what happens before you even dare sit down.

    9. When you're done, this is the routine.

    10. Touching ANYTHING is not an option.

    11. Because THIS:

    @nataliegetz I can't even..Thought about you.. I feel like I am going to be sick now. #germaphobe #WhoTheHellDoesThis

    12. But no matter how much you go out of your way to stay healthy, REMEMBER THIS:

    & this is why it grosses me out to shake someone's hand...idk where your nasty hand has been😷 #germaphobe

    13. Contact with extremely public objects is OFF LIMITS!

    14. And sometimes you have to get creative.

    15. Especially when it comes to shopping carts.

    16. Even when dining, you have to stay protected.

    17. Eating in public can often require gloves because obviously.

    18. Birthday cake blowouts are no exception.

    19. Family photos aren't either.

    20. Sometimes the gods of cleanliness have your back though.

    21. But in the cesspool known as the classroom, some of us go out of our way to stay healthy.

    22. Sometimes germs can't be avoided, but you're always prepared.

    23. Speaking of school... Germs can literally be picked up anywhere, especially in your own lunchbox.

    24. Showing affection, while possible, is complicated.

    25. But above all, real germophobes ALWAYS have that sanitizer on deck.

    Twitter: @bradnayman

    Stay clean, stay healthy, stay germ-free.

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