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    19 Hilarious Things That Perfectly Describe The Struggle That Is Untangling Your Headphones

    For everyone whose life is in...tangles.

    1. How about this?

    2. Tell me this isn't the truth:

    3. I mean same, probably:

    4. LOL:

    5. Would 100% watch:

    6. It be like this ALL the damn time:

    7. Sorry about that:

    8. You know what, he has a point here:

    9. Life in...tangles:

    10. This feeling:

    Trying to untangle my headphones like 😩 #TheChallengeInvasion

    11. Untangling my headphones is the hardest of all equations:

    12. I guess that's one way to...have fun:

    13. It better be payin' six figures:

    14. Oh God, please:

    15. The hipsters have taken over everything:

    Wireless headphones?! But how will we make our artisanal knots?

    16. It must be pretty saucy in there:

    17. That's one way to get your exercise in:

    18. DAMN IT:

    19. And finally, this: