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    Aug 3, 2015

    New Gallery Doctor App Makes It Ridiculously Easy To Save Tons Of Space On Your Phone

    Too many photos? No problem.

    Anyone with a smartphone knows that the biggest annoyance standing between you and a good time is a lack of storage.

    And one of the biggest storage hogs (at least for me anyway) is photos.


    Enter Gallery Doctor, a brand new app that helps you clean up your camera roll and get back valuable storage!

    Gallery Doctor

    After you fire the app up, it'll need permission to do a few things...grant access to your photos and let it send you notifications.


    Once you're all set up the app begins to analyze your photo library. Gallery Doctor's founder Ron Levy told BuzzFeed it should take about one minute to scan per 1,000 photos.


    After the scan, you're greeted with this helpful screen. The healthier your library is, the better. As you can see, mine is pretty..."unhealthy."


    The photos for review are placed into three categories: "bad photos," "similar photos," and "for review," photos. Once you tap a particular category it's up to you to choose which photos you want to get rid of.

    Inside "bad photos" you have the option of choosing which photos to get rid of, or you can trash everything in one swoop too.


    This is what happens when you mass delete.


    Yay! More space. 😊😊😊


    It's kind of therapeutic, tbh.


    The "Similar Photos" option lets you pick the best one out of a group of photos and get rid of the rest.


    And the "For Review" section is like Tinder where you can swipe right to keep a photo and swipe left to trash it.


    If you're in a squeeze for space on your phone, give Gallery Doctor a try! It's available for iPhone and Android for $2.99.


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