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    Jan 12, 2018

    18 Fortune Cookies That Are More Funny Than They Are Accurate

    "Next time, order the shrimp."

    1. This fortune seems confusing:

    2. But, this one seems too good be true:

    3. This fortune is...

    4. What?

    5. This one is all too true:

    What is this?!?!?! When did #fortunecookie become so depressing?!

    6. Maybe they should look past his current situation:

    Someone I know already. Huh. #fortunecookie

    7. Ha, that's one way to discover yourself:

    8. Just believe it:

    9. Ominous:

    10. Control, alt, delete:

    11. Thanks for stating the obvious:

    12. Simple, but also complicated:

    13. What could they possibly mean:

    14. Surely there was supposed to be more:

    15. My brain...what:

    16. Fair enough:

    17. This is deep...I think:

    18. And finally, OK sure:

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