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    18 Food Pictures That Will Make You Want To Call The Cops

    NO! You're not supposed to eat it that way.

    1. First of all, who eats ice cream like THIS?!

    2. When have you ever seen anyone eat a lemon like this?!

    3. This method of eating a Kit Kat is ridiculous:

    4. And don't get me started on THIS...

    5. I'm sorry but that's not how you're supposed to eat ramen.

    6. Who leaves wings like THIS?!

    7. This is a crime, there's so much left.

    8. This savage hot dog eater is a MONSTER.

    9. No, I will not accept this avocado eating method.

    10. They're eating this cucumber like a pickle and I will not stand for it.

    11. This is not an acceptable way to eat pie.

    12. NO, why would you eat the fruit like this?!

    13. Speaking of citrus, NO to this.

    14. I mean I guess this is more sanitary but why waste a fork?!

    15. This is borderline a crime.

    16. And I don't understand why anyone would eat cereal like this.

    17. NOOOOOO.

    18. And finally, I'm sorry, but thank you for reading.

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