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    Updated on Jan 24, 2019. Posted on Jan 21, 2019

    17 Examples Of Why Facebook Is Hell On Earth

    Literally where all the wild things roam.

    1. We'll start off with this ~nifty~ mask:

    2. Next, we have this "Z3d" pill:

    3. This meal...bone apple tea:

    4. And this homey "K" wall:

    5. NOOOOOO:

    6. This poor woman mixed up Facebook and Google:

    7. This is a huge "NO" from me:

    8. Honestly, I can see how this would be helpful for some, lol:

    9. Wait, let me get this straight, a gender reveal...for a dog?

    10. This is too savage:

    11. Obviously everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but ummmm:

    12. LOL:

    13. This gentleman thanks you in advance for coming to his TED Talk:

    14. They set themselves up for this one:

    15. This is the dentist office of my nightmares:

    16. Hey—I guess, at least he's honest:

    17. And finally, happy belated New Year:

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