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    17 Examples Of Why Facebook Is Hell On Earth

    Literally where all the wild things roam.

    1. We'll start off with this ~nifty~ mask:

    2. Next, we have this "Z3d" pill:

    3. This meal...bone apple tea:

    4. And this homey "K" wall:

    5. NOOOOOO:

    6. This poor woman mixed up Facebook and Google:

    7. This is a huge "NO" from me:

    8. Honestly, I can see how this would be helpful for some, lol:

    9. Wait, let me get this straight, a gender reveal...for a dog?

    10. This is too savage:

    11. Obviously everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but ummmm:

    12. LOL:

    13. This gentleman thanks you in advance for coming to his TED Talk:

    14. They set themselves up for this one:

    15. This is the dentist office of my nightmares:

    16. Hey—I guess, at least he's honest:

    17. And finally, happy belated New Year:

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