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    19 Everyday Things That Are Actually Fucking Genius

    Einstein is shook.

    1. This avocado sticker that also doubles as a ripeness chart:

    2. Or this pill bottle that tells you when you last opened it:

    3. These taps that dispense milk for your coffee:

    4. This triangle toilet for tight spaces:

    5. This hair dye pack that comes with small covers for glasses:

    6. This genius shower door that lets you turn it on without getting inside:

    7. This ramp that's perfect for testing out hiking boots before you buy:

    8. The grocery store that actually fixes its "wonky" carts:

    9. Urinals you flush with your foot:

    10. This laptop with a manual webcam cover:

    11. Empanadas that have their filling stamped on the outside:

    12. This bathroom with various levels of hand cleanser:

    13. This ceiling fan that tells you exactly which string is which:

    14. The long, dull Australian road that has trivia to keep drivers alert:

    15. This little black bar that stops scammers from hacking the ATM and stealing your information:

    16. This measuring cup with slanted lines so you can fill it even when it's tilted:

    17. Bikes with airless tires:

    18. This elevator that measures how close it is to going over weight:

    19. And finally, this elevator that tells you if it's raining outside: