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    The 23 Most Abominable Things Men Wore In The Early '00s

    How many of these fashion crimes are you guilty of?

    1. The fedora:

    2. Fitness leggings (with no shorts):

    3. Wearing two (or more) polo shirts at once with popped collars:

    4. Cargo pants:

    5. Ed Hardy:

    6. Jean pockets with embellishments:

    7. Drop-crotch/Parachute pants:

    8. Belt buckles with your name on them:

    9. Visors:

    10. Manpris:

    11. Overly pointy dress shoes that bend upwards:

    12. Those huge puffy skate shoes:

    13. Durags in public:

    14. Wearing a T-shirt over a button down shirt:

    15. Trucker hats:

    16. Carpenter jeans:

    17. Wearing tanks (the underwear type) out to clubs and bars:

    18. Wearing ties over T-shirts:

    19. White pleather/leather belts:

    20. Cuffs and sweatbands:

    21. Overly large shirt collars:

    22. Overly distressed bootcut jeans:

    23. Striped shirts that looked like '70s wallpaper: