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    The 23 Most Abominable Things Men Wore In The Early '00s

    How many of these fashion crimes are you guilty of?

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    1. The fedora:

    Frank Micelotta / Getty Images

    A sad time for hats, and our heads that had to bear them.

    2. Fitness leggings (with no shorts):

    Fitness leggings work for girls, but for guys they just attract attention directly to the bulge area. And, TBH, it never looks good.

    3. Wearing two (or more) polo shirts at once with popped collars:


    As if wearing one polo with a popped collar wasn't bad enough, dudes started wearing two...because fashion?

    4. Cargo pants:

    Too big, too bulky, too many pockets, and way too dated looking.

    5. Ed Hardy:

    Kristian Dowling / Getty Images

    A lot of celebs wore Ed Hardy so naturally it trickled down to mainstream. It's hard to even remember why this trend happened. $120 for a t-shirt? No, thank you.

    6. Jean pockets with embellishments:

    While it was nice that the sometimes there was back pockets that had button closures, that's about as far as the positives went. Overly embellished jean pockets just made them look cheap.

    7. Drop-crotch/Parachute pants:

    None of us were MC Hammer, so we should have never rocked hammer pants. Plus, it looks like you took a huge dump in your pants.

    8. Belt buckles with your name on them:

    No one ever needed to broadcast their names to the world, especially on a belt.

    9. Visors:

    Kevin Winter / Kevin Winter/ImageDirect

    Are you playing tennis? No. OK then you don't need a visor.

    10. Manpris:

    Wear shorts or wear pants, the in between always looked a little off. Plus, aren't your calves cold?

    11. Overly pointy dress shoes that bend upwards:

    These are a huge no! A slight point is OK, but you don't want to look like you're the Wicked Witch of the West.

    12. Those huge puffy skate shoes:

    These had their time, especially if you were a skater in the late '90s or early '00s, but now it just makes it look like your foot is overly swollen.

    13. Durags in public:

    Anwar Hussein / WireImage

    Durags still shouldn't be worn in public. Ever.

    14. Wearing a T-shirt over a button down shirt:

    Flickr / Via

    Your 15-year-old self is looking back and cringing.

    15. Trucker hats:

    Getty Images

    These had their moment, but they're kinda like the mullet of hats: business in the front, cool breeze in the back.

    16. Carpenter jeans:

    Did we really need painters pockets? We weren't carrying around paint brushes.

    17. Wearing tanks (the underwear type) out to clubs and bars:

    Chris Weeks / Getty Images

    Sorry this isn't a real shirt, this is UNDERWEAR.

    18. Wearing ties over T-shirts:

    Vince Bucci / Getty Images

    Yikes. The only person who ever pulled this off was Avril Lavigne.

    19. White pleather/leather belts:

    Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

    Double yikes. This was OK in 2006 if you were emo and dressed entirely in Hot Topic clothing.

    20. Cuffs and sweatbands:

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    Unless you're on the basketball court, these were a no-no.

    21. Overly large shirt collars:

    Kevin Winter / Kevin Winter / ABC/ImageDirect

    LOL. These '70s throwbacks should've never left the disco-era.

    22. Overly distressed bootcut jeans:

    Scott Gries/ImageDirect

    The cut on these were atrocious and the washes looked like they were almost acid-washed (not naturally distressed). The worst part was you lived in fear of stepping/tripping on all the extra fabric at the bottom.

    23. Striped shirts that looked like '70s wallpaper:

    Matthew Peyton / Getty Images

    Obviously, there is nothing wrong with a classic striped mens shirt. But the ones in the early '00s came in widths and color combinations that looked like they were ripped off some grandma's old wallpaper.