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The 23 Most Abominable Things Men Wore In The Early '00s

How many of these fashion crimes are you guilty of?

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5. Ed Hardy:

Kristian Dowling / Getty Images

A lot of celebs wore Ed Hardy so naturally it trickled down to mainstream. It's hard to even remember why this trend happened. $120 for a t-shirt? No, thank you.

6. Jean pockets with embellishments:

While it was nice that the sometimes there was back pockets that had button closures, that's about as far as the positives went. Overly embellished jean pockets just made them look cheap.


22. Overly distressed bootcut jeans:

Scott Gries/ImageDirect

The cut on these were atrocious and the washes looked like they were almost acid-washed (not naturally distressed). The worst part was you lived in fear of stepping/tripping on all the extra fabric at the bottom.

23. Striped shirts that looked like '70s wallpaper:

Matthew Peyton / Getty Images

Obviously, there is nothing wrong with a classic striped mens shirt. But the ones in the early '00s came in widths and color combinations that looked like they were ripped off some grandma's old wallpaper.