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    15 Pretty Unbelievably Gross Things Guys Actually Do

    "Guys who constantly itch their balls in public totally gross me out."

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community what shameless things guys do that they don't talk about. Here are some of the grossest ones.

    1. Sniffing their pits to see if they smell, multiple times.

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    "Sometimes I sniff my pits just to see if they smell, but even after I’ve determined the level of smelliness, I still sniff them a few more times for no apparent reason. It’s like an instinct." —jackcleary50

    2. Picking their noses and THEN playing with dried snot for hours.


    "My brother picks his nose and instead of throwing away the dried snot, he plays with it for hours. He'll roll it around with his index finger and thumb. When he has to do something else, he'll just stick it on the wall or side of the bed and come back later and start playing with it again! He said it's relaxing." —bikalpak

    3. Scratching their balls in public.

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    "Guys who constantly scratch their balls in public [gross me out]. Vaginas itch too, but you don’t see us with our hands three feet deep in our crotch. No one likes to hear the sound of pubes being scratched, so please knock it off." —Stephanie Workman

    4. Peeing in water bottles (AT HOME) and throwing them in the trash can.

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    "I found out my husband pees in water bottles and then tosses them in the trash can in our bedroom. It's so disgusting." —dcunningham0911

    5. Peeling their toenails.

    "My mom told me about how my dad will peel his toe nails, not clip them, and then he’ll chew on them. What the fuck." —anothergirlalmighty

    6. Even better, saving their toenail clippings.

    Pedrojperez / Getty Images

    "My fiancé has very thick toenails. He clips them, then saves them so he can fumble around with them at a later date. I’ve found them on the table, near the bed, and even in a few jacket pockets." –Jessi

    7. Not washing their hands after using the bathroom.

    Twitter: @MrMrDarkCloud

    "I’ve got a roommate who 90% of the time, when he goes to the bathroom (to pee and poop), won’t wash his hands. I’ve seen plenty of men do this in the men’s restroom as well. It’s disgusting." —oscarjl

    8. Scratching somewhere gross, and then touching their face.

    "It’s super mega gross when guys will touch something gross (like their feet or stick their hands down their pants) and then immediately go and touch their face. Or even worse, somebody else’s face." —clairechampion24

    9. Manscaping while on the toilet.

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    "My fiancé manscapes when he’s on the toilet. I always know when he’s done it because I’ll find hairs in the water and all over the seat." —BooooRadley

    10. Fanning farts toward their face.


    "On more than one occasion when I was living with my son’s dad, I walked into the living room to find him sitting in his recliner fanning his own farts toward his face. He even came up with different fanning methods and names for them. He still does it and he’s 40 years old." —noodle192000

    11. Eating expired food.


    "My old roommate used to eat whatever was in the fridge regardless of the expiration date. I saw him eat a three-month-old Lunchable once." —Kate Andres

    12. Going days without showering or brushing their teeth.

    "Lots of guys I’ve met think it’s OK to go days without showering and/or brushing their teeth and then try to talk to you up close." —aurelieg2

    13. The dreaded jizz sock.

    "Jizz sock. Men will know what it is..." —Krystal Watanabe, Facebook

    14. Picking their nose and eating it.


    "I see my husband pick his nose and then eat [the boogers] all the time! It's so disgusting, and he wonders why I don't want to kiss him." —Trish Skidmore, Facebook

    15. And finally, tasting their own semen.

    Twitter: @poserrboy

    "Most men have, at one time or another, tasted their own semen. I wasn’t thrilled with my own product, so I’d never expect anyone I’m intimate with to experience it for themselves." —Anonymous

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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