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19 Things That'll Definitely Make You Do A Double Take

These are interesting AF.

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1. This "transparent" phone:

2. These "egg" rocks:

3. This butterfly with a "89" inscription:

4. This child being walked and dog roaming free:

5. This shadow:

6. This "fake" skylight to help calm people down before surgery:

7. These airless bike tires:

8. These magnets that don't need to be hung up:

9. This coffee that looks like a planet:

10. This TV fish tank:

11. This perfectly laid cord:

12. The way the light enters the crack of this door:

13. This fallen tree that birthed four new trees:

14. This genius elevator sign that tells you when it's raining out:

15. This van's wicked paint job:

16. This unidentified cloud:

17. This siamese dog:

18. This algae that looks solid:

19. And finally, this lowercase stop sign:

Shoutout to r/mildlyinteresting for these wacky finds.

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