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    Posted on Nov 13, 2017

    17 Online Shopping Fails That Will Actually Make You Laugh

    What you see isn't always what you get.

    1. Take for example this jersey:

    2. Or these shoes:

    3. Shoes, amirite?!

    4. These jeans surely weren't as advertised:

    5. And this rug, like, LOL:

    6. Maybe next time the shipper won't RUIN the surprise:

    7. LOL, those are Bratz pants alright:

    8. I don't think this is what she expected:

    9. Or this:

    10. Hey, at least the cat got something:

    11. Hmmmm:

    12. These are some risque PJs:

    13. Would you like a sip, perhaps:

    14. Wow:

    15. I don't think that's the pool float she was expecting:

    16. This gives showing some leg a whole new meaning:

    17. And finally, THIS:

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