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    22 Times The Internet Perfectly Captured What It's Like To Be At A Summer Family Function

    Coming to you live, this is the, #CookOutNewsNetwork.

    It's summer and that means holidays, no work, and of course unwanted time spent with relatives.

    Twitter and Instagram, took it upon themselves to give us a glimpse into what it's like to attend an African-American function during the summer months. Broadcasting live...this is the #CookOutNewsNetwork.

    1. At some point you're going to run into something you wish you could unsee.

    #CookoutNewsNetwork when yea grandma and grandpa get drunk and forget it's a family function going on

    2. There's always that one cousin and his family that go out of their way to show you they "made it."

    #CookOutNewsNetwork when your cousins from New York come down south to visit after 5 years

    3. And of course there's that one aunt who isn't part of the family anymore but always shows up.

    #CookoutNewsNetwork Your uncle's ex wife just drove up in and wearing her alimony and child support payments.

    4. Or that uncle who stands out, but you could never put your finger on why.

    The Uncle that's been coming around since you were a kid but you don't know how he's related #cookoutnewsnetwork

    5. Your aunt who was kind enough to host is always laying down the law though.

    #CookoutNewsNetwork One thing I DO know is y'all gon stop running in and out this house. Letting all my good air out.

    6. And sometimes even when you try to plan ahead, you still fail.

    7. When it's time to pray and you're hungry.

    #CookoutNewsNetwork Your uncle who dropped out of vacation bible school is taking way too long to bless the food.

    8. Good luck when it's time to actually get food.

    When you just trying to get some food and you get swarmed by relatives asking how school is #CookoutNewsNetwork

    9. Literally, no one wants to eat healthy at this function, Karen.

    #CookoutNewsNetwork That snooty cousin shows up to the cookout with some Kale

    10. And then your uncle's girlfriend embarsses herself while in the food line.

    11. But then your cool aunt saves the day...

    #CookoutNewsNetwork when Auntie Rhonda let you have a sip of her wine cooler when yo momma not lookin

    12. ...while your mom is out on the dance floor embarrassing you.

    #CookoutNewsNetwork When your aunty have too many drinks and start turning up

    13. And your cousin completely regrets bringing his new girlfriend.

    #CookoutNewsNetwork when yo girl outfit too revealing & yo uncles keep scoping when she get up

    14. Even after the food, problems still arise.

    #CookOutNewsNetwork when your cousin throw a ace of spades after you already won the book with a 10 of hearts

    15. But your Grandma always proves that she has literally, no chill.

    When ur Grandma say "when u gon settle down & stop dating these hoes"& your gf sittin right there #CookoutNewsNetwork

    16. But she does always have a way of redeeming herself.

    17. Why is your entire family literally hellbent on causing you an early death by embarrassment?

    #CookoutNewsNetwork that uncle who never stopped dressing like the decade he used to be cool in

    18. And while everyone was preoccupied you were trying to "have some fun" but your mom ruined it.

    19. Then all the olds start breaking it down and you just look at your phone quietly.

    #CookoutNewsNetwork when the old heads start requesting music from your cousin that swears he's also a DJ

    20. And that one relative who's always trying to feed their whole family for weeks but didn't contribute.

    When you see that one cousin who never brings anything leaving with 3 plates #CookoutNewsNetwork

    21. After a few hours, you know you're hungry again but then this happens:

    When someone ate the take-home plate you hid in the fridge! #CookoutNewsNetwork

    22. But at the end of the day, you can't choose the family you were given, so you just deal with it and remain grateful.

    #CookoutNewsNetwork that one uncle that cry when he see the whole family get together