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    Updated on Jun 30, 2019. Posted on Sep 29, 2018

    17 Designers Who Fantastically Failed At Their Jobs

    Disasters in design.

    1. The person who designed this bus ad wasn't thinking properly:

    2. But, let's not forget the person who designed this other bus ad...scary:

    3. The person who designed this magazine cover...I mean, WHAT?

    4. OMG what were they thinking when they made this one?

    5. I'm sorry, no, I don't want to eat any Troy:

    6. No, no, no:

    7. But...his hands are off the wheel:

    8. Hmmmm, who designed this?

    9. I'm not sure what this designer was thinking:

    10. Who thought it was smart to put that ad below this article?

    11. I don't even know what this person was trying to get at:

    12. I want a "horze":

    13. Is this a Bible or an ad?

    14. Maybe the M should have been...smaller:

    15. Who designed this?!

    16. There's so much math and it doesn't even add up:

    17. And finally we have this grocery aisle blunder:

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