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19 Times Back Sweat Literally Ruined Lives Everywhere

For anyone who has ever felt personally victimized by summer.

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Summer has finally arrived, and with it comes fun outdoor things like tanning, drinking rosé, and of course...back sweat.

Ah, summer back sweat. We meet again.

We should actually vote on renaming the entire season.

Summer should be renamed to '3 months of back sweat' . #oldmustang #leatherseats #ouch

1. Because THIS is literally what happens after spending three minutes outside.

Number one site to see in NY right now, back sweat #NewYorkCityTourism

2. Things get tragically complicated if you happen to be wearing a backpack.

Luke "guys has my back got any sweat on it?"

3. And forget performing any type of outdoor activity.

Fun day of triple bogey's and back sweat w/ @moore23casey

4. Like...tossin' a ball around.

6. Or actually doing any type of yard work.

7. Even pushing a stroller, a normally easy task, is complicated tenfold.

8. A normal trip to Disney is ruined.

9. Simply "standing" is a nightmare.

11. Sometimes, back sweat takes on a life of its own and tries to get all ~artistic~.

12. The creative patterns know, literally, no chill.

13. But they come in all shapes...

16. No one is safe from this rampant summer tragedy.

17. And it even ruins an otherwise perfectly composed Instagram.

18. We might as well enjoy it while we can...

19. Because we literally can't stop sweating...

...and anticipate its end.

Summer isn't officially over until the last drop of back sweat has evaporated.

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