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17 Photos That Will Make You Scream "Me Too, The Fuck"

Let's all bang our keyboards in unison dsljafjldsafkljdaslfkjs.

1. These fucking things on your nails aRgH:

2. Speaking of hands, THESE ITCHY FUCKING CUTS:

3. When the toothpaste falls off your toothbrush and then it won't rinse down the drain:

4. When asshole drivers do THIS, causing MORE traffic:

5. Getting out of the shower and there's no towel:

6. When you open packages and they do THIS BS:

7. These FRICKIN' stickers:

8. When the iPhone cords do THIS, omg:

9. Then you have these screen protectors that do THIS shit:

10. When cups do this UGH, fml:

11. Try to tell me this hasn't happened to you before, and that you weren't extremely annoyed:

12. When these plugs block other plugs on the surge protector:

13. Or when somebody pees on the seat and doesn't wipe it off in a public bathroom:

14. When staplers do THIS:

15. When THIS BS happens:

16. Every time you open a drink and THIS happens:

17. And finally, when you sharpen a pencil and THIS shit happens:

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