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Posted on May 28, 2018

17 Photos That Will Make You Scream "Me Too, The Fuck"

Let's all bang our keyboards in unison dsljafjldsafkljdaslfkjs.

1. These fucking things on your nails aRgH:

2. Speaking of hands, THESE ITCHY FUCKING CUTS:

3. When the toothpaste falls off your toothbrush and then it won't rinse down the drain:

4. When asshole drivers do THIS, causing MORE traffic:

5. Getting out of the shower and there's no towel:

6. When you open packages and they do THIS BS:

7. These FRICKIN' stickers:

8. When the iPhone cords do THIS, omg:

9. Then you have these screen protectors that do THIS shit:

10. When cups do this UGH, fml:

11. Try to tell me this hasn't happened to you before, and that you weren't extremely annoyed:

12. When these plugs block other plugs on the surge protector:

13. Or when somebody pees on the seat and doesn't wipe it off in a public bathroom:

14. When staplers do THIS:

15. When THIS BS happens:

16. Every time you open a drink and THIS happens:

17. And finally, when you sharpen a pencil and THIS shit happens:

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