24 Tweets About Juul's That Only Teens Will Find Funny

    "Yo, you gotta pod?"

    OK, here’s the thing, maybe you clicked on this article because you didn’t know what a Juul is...If you don’t, it’s a vape that everyone is obsessed with* and it looks like this:

    And all Juul users know these things to be true:

    1. That first pull on a fresh pod:

    2. The feeling is too real:

    3. People are beginning to form relationships with the device:

    4. For some it's become a way of life:

    When you're broke af but need to hit the Juul

    5. People go to great lengths to get a puff:

    When you see a juul at a party

    6. I mean GREAT lengths:

    7. Especially when you have to avoid getting caught:

    8. JUUL users know this to be very true:

    9. And just THIS:

    10. And you know you wish this was real:

    11. This has happened TOO many times:

    12. And at some point you've become a Juul mechanic:

    13. LOL, true:

    14. Same:

    15. Hard agree:

    16. We've all been there:

    17. And you know we've all been here before:

    18. At times, we've even had to lie:

    19. But seriously though, Juul users are hip to the conspiracies:

    20. And they're so 2018:

    21. They're deep:

    22. And talented:

    When your friend says pass the juul @CodyGray26 @barstoolsports

    23. They're thoughtful, too:

    24. But at the end of the day, they'd do anything for your precious: