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23 Things Anyone Who’s Been To A Black Church Will Immediately Recognize

When you turn to your neighbor and they've already turned to somebody else.

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5. Surely you're used to this by now.

Being told to sit down just so you can be told to stand up 2 minutes later AGAIN! #GrowingUpInABlackChurch


9. Because they come in so many varieties.

Two types of grandmas during the praise break👵🏽🙏🏾👵🏾 #GrowingUpInABlackChurch

11. This iconic call and response.

Every Sunday Speaker: God is good Church: All the time Speaker: and all the time Church: God is good" #GrowingUpInABlackChurch


13. The piano player is always on fire.

#GrowingUpInABlackChurch this the pianist when the preacher gets to his praise break



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