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    23 Things Anyone Who’s Been To A Black Church Will Immediately Recognize

    When you turn to your neighbor and they've already turned to somebody else.

    1. It starts as soon as you walk in the door.

    2. The judgment.

    3. The outfits.

    4. Putting you on the spot.

    5. Surely you're used to this by now.

    Being told to sit down just so you can be told to stand up 2 minutes later AGAIN! #GrowingUpInABlackChurch

    6. The touching songs.

    7. The perfectionist director.

    8. The one auntie who gets a little carried away.

    9. Because they come in so many varieties.

    Two types of grandmas during the praise break👵🏽🙏🏾👵🏾 #GrowingUpInABlackChurch

    10. Guest pastors love to stunt.

    11. This iconic call and response.

    Every Sunday Speaker: God is good Church: All the time Speaker: and all the time Church: God is good" #GrowingUpInABlackChurch

    12. Trying different things is sometimes met with slight hesitation.

    13. The piano player is always on fire.

    #GrowingUpInABlackChurch this the pianist when the preacher gets to his praise break

    14. But sometimes it gets a little awkward between neighbors.

    15. And even more awkward between parents and their children.

    16. And certain "buildings" never seem to get built.

    17. Tithe and offering can be troublesome for some.

    18. Because sometimes it's a bit much.

    19. The person who always gets a special touch from the Lord.

    20. No comment necessary.

    21. There's always something to look forward to.

    22. But sometimes there are bumps in the road.

    23. Everyone knows though, that this is probably the best part.