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22 Times 2016 Out-Hipstered Itself

You want a side of kale with that?

1. This portable man bun.

2. This soap specially made to smell like a hipster man.

3. The device that actually lets you put your MP3s onto cassette tape.

4. A literal banana bike holder...

5. An outdoor, on-the-go beard moisturizer station.

6. Mugs that are painted to look old.

7. A legit coffee shop hipster candle.

8. These hybrid L.L. Bean Duck boots mixed with rollerblades.

9. Beard jewelry...

10. And if you want a different way to tote your coffee there's this thing.

11. Tomatoes that totally taste better because a bearded guy is on the packaging.

12. Please tell me this isn't actually a real thing.

13. This purse that looks like a log will really help you to get in touch with nature.

14. This modern day "hipster millennial" nativity set.

15. This gentleman riding an "adult" tricycle.

16. This finger runner's bell.

17. This contraption that lets you flake your very own salt rock.

18. A vending machine that allows you to get local fresh vegetables on your own time.

19. Literal pieces of wood that are supposed to be bowties.

20. Organic Rockstar Energy Drinks apparently are a thing.

21. Cookies in the shape of... mason jars.

22. And finally...vegan gourmet dog food.

What kind of crazy, ridiculous, unnecessary hipster shit will pop up in 2017?!