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22 Things People Who Don't Wear Glasses Will Never Understand

"You wear glasses, so you're smart, right?"

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Having to wear glasses is a gift (because they allow you to see) but also a curse (because you have to wear them to see)...

3. It's like, you're trying to find them, but like — you can't see.

Looking for your glasses when you're not wearing any has got to be the biggest catch 22 there is in this world


5. If only some sort of technology existed to find them for you.

They need to make an app that helps you find your glasses when they fall of your bed at night

7. Or when it rains.

You literally need window wipers on your glasses when it's raining 👓☔️


9. Getting your lenses even remotely smudged is NOT OK.

You can touch my hair, phone or my things. But Not the Lenses of my Glasses!!! #GrowingUpWithGlasses

10. Wearing them while sweating is THE WORST.

First day back in the gym! I've learned its very hard to wear your glasses when you have sweat dripping down your face


12. They can even get in the way of looking cute.

So hard to find lashes that doesn't brush across your glasses when you blink. 😂

14. Phantom glasses are a real thing.

Have you ever tried adjusting your glasses when they're not on your face? It's trippy...

15. So are the "compliments" when you don't have them on.

can't wait to hear "you look so weird without your glasses" when i go back to hell !!!!!!


16. At least they help you to "look better."

One great trick for looking better is to take off your glasses when you look at yourself in a mirror.