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19 Things That Will Make You Scream And Want To Take A Deep Breath

Try not to bang the keyboard.

1. This person:

2. This society:

3. This "scientist":

4. This drug dealer who was a little too under the influence:

5. This "cleaning" device:

6. This poor person who didn't understand how a Swiss Army knife works:

7. This person who underestimated the power of a comma:

8. This blatant lie:

9. This logic:

10. This economic lesson:

11. This guy who doesn't understand how language works:

12. Just, this...

13. This person...SMH:

14. This driver:

15. This person who doesn't understand how numbers work:

16. This person who just wanted to declare their love:

17. This map, LOL:

18. This modern marvel:

19. And finally, this compatibility issue: