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18 Tweets That Will Make All College Students Scream, “Me Too, The Fuck”

It's a rough ride, but somebody's gotta take it.

1. It goes a little something like this...

2. Wait, actually more like this:

3. No,'s like this:

4. Then it hits you:

5. That you have skills:

6. I mean a lot of skills:

7. You realize that hard work beats talent:

8. And you attempt to make an effort, but it's hard:

9. But you learn from your mistakes:

10. And get creative:

11. Basically you just realize a bunch of shit:

12. Mainly that this shit aint easy, OK:

13. You succumb to peer pressure:

14. And sometimes fall down:

15. You're not always alone, though:

16. And there are some surprises:

17. And a lot of obstacles:

18. But at the end of the day, remember you do have some power:

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