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    18 Photos Guaranteed To Make You Feel Calm

    Take in the beauty.

    1. Ooooooh, look how perfect this rock is:

    2. Ahhh the way these leaves look "melted":

    3. Oooooh...get into how perfect these bubbles are:

    4. And ahhhh, this cheese is a work of art:

    5. Ooooh get into how PERFECT these caramels are:

    6. Ahhhh...have you ever seen an ice cream so beautiful?

    7. And would you look at how incredibly detailed this present wrapper is:

    8. Oooooh, this frozen stop sign is a work of art:

    9. I bet you never would have guessed that these perfect lumps are cabbages:

    10. This dirt drawing is literally a work of art:

    11. And ooooooh the way the light hits this piece at just the RIGHT angle:

    12. Speaking of light hitting the perfect place:

    13. It's hard to believe this wasn't intentional:

    14. Or this:

    15. Ahhhh, line-er-up:

    16. The way these tires are sitting pretty has me mesmerized:

    17. And finally, you can almost taste the rainbow: