18 Despicable Pictures That Should Literally Be Considered Crimes Against Pizza

    Um, yum?

    1. I'm calling the fucking cops:

    2. Someone was FED up.

    3. This is what a school lunch should NOT look like.

    4. Frankly, this is scary as hell.

    5. No.

    6. BRB, running to the bathroom...

    7. NO thank you. This is not what I think of as a "healthy" pizza.

    8. WHAT even is THIS?

    9. Even drunk me wouldn't want anything to do with a corn dog pizza.

    10. Ramen pizza, I think the fuck not.

    11. I...just don't know what this is supposed to be.

    12. Just...no, please God no.


    14. I'm sorry shrimp should not be on a pizza in this way.

    15. Yikes, what is THIS.

    16. This looks like a pizza, but IDK, it doesn't feel like a pizza.

    17. My stomach hurts just looking at this deep friend pizza.

    18. And finally, tuna salad pizza. I'm sorry.