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    17 Text Messages You Won't Believe That People Actually Sent

    Maybe think before you text?

    1. This guy really needed his question answered:

    2. And then there's the person who REALLY needed a car:

    3. I'm sorry, what are they asking exactly?

    4. This is definitely giving me You vibes:

    5. Uh, not gonna lie this is...weird?

    6. This is actually a somewhat valid question:

    7. From now on we should just refer to birthdays as, "the age thing":

    8. I never considered this, but thank you for the thought:

    9. Yikes, I pray I never send my mom a text like this:

    10. This grammar guru really won:

    11. He walked right into this one:

    12. Savage mom:

    13. Poor Raquel:

    14. When you try to be woke, but end up fucking up:

    15. What the hell is even going on here:

    16. Speak-to-text can be the devil:

    17. And finally, just this...