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17 Of The Absolute Worst Sex Ed "Facts" People Ever Received

"A glass of water is the best contraception."

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A recent Reddit thread asked the question, "What was the most wildly inaccurate thing you were taught about sex and/or sexual health?" Here are a wildest ones:

1. A frickin' glass of water:

2. This doesn't solve the problem:

3. Anal impregnation is a thing:

4. Penises are fragile:

5. Nature vs nurture:

6. Sperm puppet for the win:

7. Jumping gets rid of everything:

8. Virginity=amazing sex:


10. Somehow these two don't add up:

11. Sorry to break it to you bud, periods last longer than one day:

12. Apparently some people think have periods:

13. There's no such thing as ovulation:

14. Women apparently are...werewolves:

15. Ah the classic, hot tub contraceptive:

16. Imagine if this were true:

17. And finally, I'm sure some of you probably still believe this to this day:

What was one thing you learned about sex that you later figured out wasn't true? Tell us in the comments below!

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