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    17 Apps New iPhone Users Should Download Right Now

    No there's no Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook on this list.

    1. Headspace

    Headspace is great, the app takes you through guided meditations and helps you be more mindful. Because everyone needs a little peace of mind.

    Price: Free

    2. VSCO

    VSCO gives you a lot of awesome filters for your photos and videos. The app is super easy to use and packs in a ton of pretty great photo editing features to help your ~content~ stand out.

    Price: Free

    3. Venmo

    If you're tired of putting the bill on your credit card and never getting paid back, Venmo is a must have. Whether you've heard of it or not, *Venmo is* one of those awesome utility apps that everyone needs, especially if you're not too inclined to use cash.

    Price: Free

    4. Google Maps

    Yeah, so, this one's a no-brainer. But, make sure you download it as soon as you get your phone all set up.

    For added perks, sign in with your Google account so it can save all your favorite places.

    Price: Free

    5. Google Translate

    If you're traveling anywhere where your primary language is different you need to check out Google Translate. It translates things in real time and even better, you can download your language of choice and the app will work without a data connection.

    Price: Free

    6. Google Photos:

    Speaking of Google products, (What? They're really good!) their Photos app is actually really awesome. It automatically uploads all the photos on your phone to the cloud, and you can view them on any device.

    So, whether you lose your phone or have an old phone that you want to get the pictures off of, you can do all that with Google photos.

    As an added bonus there are some pretty good editing tools included, too.

    Price: Free

    7. Shutterfly

    Speaking of photos, how often do you get to actually hold in your hands physical photos you've taken on your phone? Not that often, right? Turn that dream into a reality by getting custom prints sent directly to your door with this app.

    Price: Free

    8. Netflix

    You can download TV Shows and movies on your phone for offline viewing, 'nuff said.

    Price: Free (but you have to have a paid Netflix subscription)

    9. TeasEar โ€” ASMR

    ASMR stands for "autonomous sensory meridian response." The dictionary defines it as, "a calming, pleasurable feeling often accompanied by a tingling sensation. This tingle is said to originate in a person's head and spread to the spine (and sometimes the limbs) in response to stimulation. The stimuli that trigger ASMR vary from person to person."

    This app lets your trigger those responses or help yourself to easily go to sleep, or at worst, pass some time when you're bored.

    Price: Free

    10. Photomath

    Whether you're a student or not, you no longer have to struggle to figure out difficult math problems. Photomath lets you snap a quick photo of the problem and then it solves it for you and shows you how it got to that step-by-step. Where was this app when I was in high school?!

    Price: Free

    11. Arrive

    Everyone gets packages, but what if you could track all of them in one app? Arrive lets you do that so that you never have to copy and paste a long-ass tracking number into a website over and over again. Easy as pie.

    Price: Free

    12. Boomerang

    I know what you're thinking, "boomerang is already included with the normal Instagram app." But, hear me out...The independent Boomerang app exists for a reason. Say you wanted to take multiple boomerangs, watch them back, and upload the best one. You can do that with the stand-alone app. Also, if you tap the screen with four fingers, four times you unlock a ton of "hidden" features that let you get into the nitty gritty of the app. For example, you can tweak your frames per second, resolution, playback frame, and a ton of other features.

    Price: Free

    13. Sing Bot

    OK, so maybe you don't actually want to learn how to sing, but regardless this is a fun app where you can see what level you are now and practice things like pitch, holding a tune, and singing basics all in one free app.

    Price: Free

    14. Credit Karma

    Every functioning adult should know their credit score. Check yours as often as you want with the credit karma app and the next time you want to buy something big, you'll instantly know your status.

    Price: Free

    15. Clips

    Clips is a super simple video editing app where you can record, animate, transcribe, and publish custom videos. Your videos will end up being super unique, so much so that your friends might think you took a professional class.

    Price: Free

    16. Giphy

    Get access to tons and tons of GIFs right from your keyboard. Now when you want to react to a crazy AF text message, you can show it instead of say it.

    Price: Free

    17. And finally a shameless, but good plug: Tasty

    There's over 3000 recipes in the app and you don't have to even be an expert to use it. Now, the next time somebody asks you what's for dinner, you'll have a quick answer.

    Price: Free

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