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    Guys Meeting Their Girlfriend's BFF For The First Time

    Can you relate?

    "Here you are, meeting your girlfriend's best friend for the first time. No big deal, right?"

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    "Then why are you sweating?"

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    "You've just met this person, and yet she already knows everything about you."

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    "She knows about every fight you and you girlfriend have ever had. She knows you cried at the end of Toy Story 3. She knows about that weird sex thing you ask your girlfriend to do to you sometimes."

    "All you know about her is what your girlfriend's told you. But you can't just lead off with this:"

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    "Whatever you do, DO NOT flirt with her."

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    "Is this a test? If I look too long, will she tell on me?"

    What did your boyfriend think when he first met your BFF?