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Feb 2014
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    kevinb111 commented on What Sex Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self?

    I have quite a few. 1. Don't be so afraid of bottoming. It only hurts if you do it wrong. You will learn to love it. 2. Not everyone iyou have sex with will be good at handling your penis. Some will scrape it with their teeth, chaffe it with insanely bad hand jobs, or make it bend… 

    6 years ago

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    kevinb111 commented on What's Your Biggest Dating Deal-Breaker?

    Ok so I'm gay. But a total deal-breaker for me is if a guy is too feminine. I'm one of those "hiding in plain sight" kinda gay guys, and I'm attracted to the same kind of guys. I have plenty of flaming friends, but none of them are my boyfriend for a reason.

    7 years ago

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