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What's Your Biggest Dating Deal-Breaker?

When Liz Lemon's guide to love takes action.

Sometimes dating can be a really stressful experience.

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You're stuck in the whole "getting to know you" phase, and you're confronted with a load of turn-offs, otherwise known as "deal-breakers."

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These deal-breakers can be anything, like if your date uses the same cologne as your dad, and it weirds you out.

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Oh god, WHY.

Or maybe it's something even more simple, like if your date dares to question your true passions.

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Nope. Not gonna happen.

Or a huge one might be if your date mentions that they have a pet snake, and you're straight up terrified.

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What the what?!

Deal-breakers are real, and they save you from potentially awful relationships.

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So tell us, what's a huge deal-breaker you have when finding a significant other?

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Awards and badges will be given to the most cringeworthy submissions!