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    31 Horror Films You Might Not Have Seen (But Can Stream This Spooky Season)

    These hidden gems are worth a good scare.

    October is almost here, and that means it’s time to break out the plastic pumpkins, heat up those ghost-shaped cookies, and put together your horror movie playlists for spooky season viewing.

    1. Stake Land

    A torch-wielding man attempts to repel a pack of vampires in "Stake Land"

    2. The Eyes of My Mother

    A young woman observes her mother prepare a severed cow's head in "The Eyes of My Mother"

    3. The Deep House

    A diving cameraman comes across a gate toward an underwater house in "The Deep House"

    4. Charismata

    A group of forensic investigators wearing headlamps investigate a ritualistic crime scene in "Charismata"

    5. Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum

    The theatrical poster for "Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum"

    6. Butterfly Kisses

    A student filmmaker attempts to prevent herself from blinking in "Butterfly Kisses"

    7. Offseason

    A woman investigates a foggy, empty island town in "Offseason"

    8. Let Us Prey

    An intense, bearded stranger stares at someone through the eye of a jail cell in "Let Us Prey"

    9. The Witch in the Window

    A tormented man screams through a glass window at "The Witch in the Window"

    10. The Pit (1981)

    The theatrical poster for "The Pit"

    11. The Seventh Day

    Two Exorcists attempt to purge a demon from a possessed boy in a boarded-up room in "The Seventh Day"

    12. Anything for Jackson

    Two grandparents embrace one another in the face of a scary situation in "Anything for Jackson"

    13. Patchwork

    A Frankenstein'd woman awakes from her surgery in a bloody laboratory in "Patchwork"

    14. The Nightmare

    View this video on YouTube

    Altitude Films / Via

    Directed by experimental documentarian Rodney Ascher, The Nightmare is a deep dive into true life tales of sleep paralysis, with the visceral visions on record painstakingly recreated with disturbing detail.

    Watch The Nightmare on Shudder here.

    15. Come True

    A young woman splattered with blood stares into a mirror in "Come True"

    16. The Hunger

    A stylish vampire duo are lit in a gothic nightclub in "The Hunger"

    17. WNUF Halloween Special

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    Midnight Crew Studios / Via

    Expertly produced to emulate a rediscovered VHS recording of a local news broadcast during Halloween in 1987, this fantastic horror comedy has spread like wildfire among its growing cult fanbase for good reason.

    Watch WNUF Halloween Special on Shudder here.

    18. In the Tall Grass

    A group of survivors have a tense conversation in "In The Tall Grass"

    19. Censor

    A woman soaks in the static of a television late at night in "Censor"

    20. Two Pigeons

    A man hides mere inches away from a man ironing clothes in "2 Pigeons"

    21. Would You Rather

    A woman sadistically smiles after sending an electric shock to an old woman in "Would You Rather"

    22. Southbound

    A traumatized, blood-covered man collapses on a hospital floor after a surgery gone wrong in "Southbound"

    23. Don't Knock Twice

    A woman attempts to search for someone on her lawn at night in "Don't Knock Twice"

    24. Possum

    The shadow of a spider-like marionette is cast into a messy room in "Possum"

    25. Pledge

    Three scary-looking fraternity brothers stand in full suits in front of a candlelit room in "Pledge"

    26. Apartment 212

    A scared woman narrowly avoid a thrown knife in her kitchen in "Apartment 212"

    27. Ruin Me

    A woman discovered a hooded and chained body on a beach in "Ruin Me"

    28. The Djinn

    A young boy avoids the arm of a monster while hiding in a bathroom in "The Djinn"

    29. Watcher

    A distressed woman waves out of her window to a creepy neighbor in "Watcher"

    30. Wrong Turn (2021)

    A pair of masked cave-dwellers appear for a ceremony in "Wrong Turn"

    31. Haunt (2019)

    A devil man holding a pitchfork guides people towards a small tunnel in "Haunt"