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    The Most Evil Characters From HBO's "Game Of Thrones" Universe, Ranked

    Who are among the worst and most wicked in Westeros?

    With House of the Dragon, the bloody and scandalous power struggle of the fantasy world of Westeros has returned to critical and fan acclaim, reigniting many people's fervent passion for HBO's Game of Thrones universe.

    32. Jamie Lannister

    A stoic man in ornate armor stands near several soldiers on a foggy day.

    31. Alicent Hightower

    A young woman wearing a fancy green dress looks concerned near a well-crafted royal chair.

    30. Mance Rayder

    A man wearing a coat assembled from fur pelts observes a situation in a frozen tundra.

    29. Maester Pycelle

    An old, bearded man in long robes sits at a table near some scrolls.

    28. Aemond Targaryen

    A young, slender blonde man with an eyepatch and leathers raises a toast at a dinner table.

    27. Melisandre

    A woman in a red dress and cloak rides her horse alongside a man in all-black leathers and a cape.

    26. Otto Hightower

    A bearded man in sleek clothing grins deceptively by candlelight

    25. The High Sparrow

    An older man in dirty clothes scowls while standing near some stone steps.

    24. Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish

    A middle-aged man stands pensively in a tight-fitting black overshirt.

    23. Pyatt Pree & Xaro Xhoan Daxos

    A stout and skinny man in unique clothes stand menacingly in a dimly-lit chamber

    22. Daemon Targaryen

    A blonde man stares disapprovingly in a great hall while placing his hands above his sword.

    21. Tywin Lannister

    A man with a red cape and armor rides in on a white horse.

    20. Qyburn

    A skinny older man in black robes walks outside the gates of a castle.

    19. Locke

    A bearded man in a fur coat stares intensely in torchlight

    18. Larys Strong

    Actor Matthew Needham poses at the premiere of "House of the Dragon"

    17. Alliser Thorne

    A haggard man in a feathery black coat stares at a fight as part of the Night's Watch

    16. The Crabfeeder

    A masked and sunburnt man stares at a sunrise on the beach

    15. Daenerys Targaryen

    A young woman with platinum blonde hair sits on a rocky throne

    14. Roose Bolton

    An older man in a fur cloak stands next to his son and daughter-in-law in a medieval village

    13. Viserys Targaryen

    A platinum blonde haired young man stares intently within a desert landscape

    12. The Waif

    Actor Faye Marsay at the 2016 Season Premiere for "Game of Thrones"

    11. Karl Tanner

    A skinny man in black leathers stares with rage while unsheathing his sword

    10. Euron Greyjoy

    A bearded man in a dimly lit room makes a deceptive plea

    9. Janos Slynt

    8. Meryn Trant

    A bearded henchman in armor stares aggressively in a stone village

    7. Walder Frey

    6. Gregor "The Mountain" Clegane

    Hafthor Julius Bjornsson arrives on the red carpet at the Season 8 premiere of 'Game of Thrones' at Radio City Music Hall

    5. Craster

    4. The Night King

    The demonic Night King smiles as he emerges from the flames during the Battle of Winterfell

    3. Cersei Lannister

    A blonde haired woman sits atop the Iron Throne next to her brother

    2. Joffrey Baratheon

    A petulant child king sits in anger on the Iron Throne

    1. Ramsay Bolton

    A young man forces an uncomfortable teenage prisoner to run across a battlefield