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    • kennyd7

      #1-2-8-11 are the only stupid or questionable attempts from whatIsee. Actually #11 is probably just someone’s idea ofajoke
      #3 Trying to seal an outside cellar door is not stupid, it just wasn’t done very well.
      #4 Why is it stupid to not wantastatue to be washed away or damaged, again it just wasn’t done very well
      #5 &7Over kill, and also probably trying to minimize damage to windows
      #6 #9 Questionable, butIdon’t really think itsastupid action. Again probably trying to reduce damage
      #10 Just overkill
      #12 Not stupid, just not very well done. And it is NOTamyth that taping windows inahurricane helps. The tape adds more structural integrity agains wind and helps reduce flying glass shards if it does break. Although the best thing to use is plywood of course, which probably was one of the first things out of stock everywhere.  My first impression of this list is that Matt just needed something to post about so he threw something together in 10 min. Im sure there wereawhole of really dumb pics he could have found but most of the pics here are not dumb, they just show examples of panicked or unskilled actions.

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