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    26 Products From Amazon That Senior Cat Owners Swear By

    Your older cat treats you every day — treat them with these products that were practically (or literally) made for their season of life.

    1. An all-in-one grooming and calming cat station, for a safe and trustworthy space your older cat can go to brush and clean themselves stress-free.

    2. Cosequin capsules – a go-to for senior cat-owners when it comes to putting a little pep back into their pet's step. These ultra-soft chews support joint health and comfort — a must for any older kitty.

    3. Raised and angled food and water bowls, so your kitty won't have to strain their neck to eat or drink.

    a cat eating out of the clear angled bowls

    4. A cat-shaped pillow that purrs, making it perfect for senior cats who may have just lost their loved one or who tend to get lonely.

    a cat snuggling with a purple cat-shaped stuffed toy

    5. A tent activity center, to make it easier for your older cat to stay entertained and active without straining their body (like when chasing a laser light or a handheld bungee toy).

    6. Pet stairs that'll help your ol' gal climb onto your bed for snugs or onto your office chair...for more snugs. Or maybe just give her a boost so she can properly leer out of that one window for eight hours at a time.

    a tan two step set of stairs

    7. An easily accessible litter box – it be one of the most important things to have for your senior cat. The steps will make it easy to climb into and its enclosed dome shape will give them every bit of privacy.

    a reviewers cat head first in the dome-shaped litter box

    8. Hemp oils that are said to help relieve senior cat's anxieties and stresses (as well as joint pain and inflammation), making day to day life, and especially the stressful outings, a little easier.

    the bottle of hemp oil

    9. Scratching post cat steps to make it easy for older cats to access the bed, but will also act as a hiding place or even a tiny playground for a small family of cats.

    10. Hill's Science Diet's cat food, specifically formulated for cats ages 7+ years, that's raved about by senior cat owners. Your cat's comfort largely depends on their nutritional intake, and the omega fatty acids and prebiotics in this food are there to preserve their health long-term.

    the bag of cat food

    11. A cat recovery suit to, hopefully, replace the need for the cones your kitty gets after procedures to keep them from licking or biting themselves — the ones they hate and you hate to see them hate.

    12. An orthopedic bed that'll help relieve your cat of any joint or muscular pain while they sleep – this one also offers a bit of a hiding place with its enveloping, "deep-dish" shape.

    a cat cuddled in the pink bed

    13. A dome-shaped heated cat bed, the ultimate hideaway for your pet and a great way to keep them warm when they're having a hard time doing it themselves. The heat it generates can also relieve joint pain while they sleep.

    a green heated bed

    14. A calming cat sling that'll allow your senior kitty to be as close to you as possible while en route to the vet (or even just feel more comfortable while you cut their nails).

    a cat sitting in the sling in a bed

    15. A soft-bristle brushes to prevent scratching on senior cats' thinner skin – overall, they're also just more comfortable when it comes to the grooming that they can't do themselves.

    a green soft brush

    16. A tower circle track toy that'll allow older cats to have as much fun with bouncing and rolling balls as they did when they were younger, but without triggering arthritis.

    17. Soft and stretchy denim print diapers, so when it becomes a necessity for older cats with incontinence, they can still look fabulous.

    a guide to the denim diapers

    18. Night lights to help guide your kitty to their litter box or water in the middle of the night when they're having trouble seeing in the dark the way they used to.

    the night light

    19. A Thundershirt to help calm your cat during bouts of anxiety or discomfort. If your older cat suffers from dementia or simply gets sad or worrisome when you leave or they hate storms, this comfortable garment can provide impressive relief.

    20. An automatic feeder that'll help keep your older cat on schedule, regardless of the changes that might come up in yours.

    the food dispenser

    21. An automated laser light toy you can set to move slowly so your older cat can practice their agility and eyesight while getting a bit of low-impact exercise.

    22. Waterless shampoo, a go-to for when you find your senior cat unable to reach to clean themsleves like they used to and could use a little assistance.

    23. A chamomile and lavender-infused calming collar to help your senior cat with everything from episodes of kitty dementia to mild separation anxiety.

    24. Wet food – according to many vets, it's the best type of food for your cat. Combine that with Hill's Science Diet's reputation and this formula specific for cats 11+ years of age, and you've found what could be the perfect food for your senior kitty.

    cans of food

    25. A natural immune support supplement designed to help boost your cat's immune system and improves joint and muscle health, keeping your senior cat cuddling for longer.

    a dropper of medicine

    26. And an easily accessible litter box for your cat who is now seemingly disinterested in the one they've been using for years.

    the litter box

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