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28 Night-In Parties To Throw With Your New College Friends

Because the only thing better than going out, is staying in (with friends)!

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7. DIY Silent Disco

Host a mini version of the crowd favorite! Have guests bring headphones, download the iHeartRadio App, and pick 3 live stations to alternate between. Dance, sing, and enjoy your own DIY silent disco!

16. Breakfast Dinner and Cartoons


For some reason, breakfast foods are so much better in the evening. Fry up some eggs and bacon or have everyone bring their favorite cereal! Turn on some retro cartoons and tuck in.

19. Take-out, Bake-in

Warner Brothers

Jump on GrubHub or Seamless and order from your local fave. While you're waiting for your entrees to arrive bake some cookies or cupcakes for dessert! Not a great baker? Try some of these mug treats!

20. Old School Dance Party


Get your friends together and dance to some hit tracks from years past! Spotify has some great playlists organized by decade. Bonus points if you dress up in garb from that era!

24. Harry Potter Bingo

Warner Brothers

Almost everyone loves Harry Potter but even those who don't will have fun filling out this awesome character themed bingo board while you binge watch! Make sure you grab some magical (and cheap) prizes for the winners!

26. Magazine Wine Party

Bridesmaids Inspo! Fashion, Gossip, Features! Magazines are bomb. Have everyone bring a different copy and swap periodically. Don't forget to pour the wine (or sparkling juice) and share your favorite pages!

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