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31 Glorious Game Day Snacks You Need In Your Life

While you guys watch the game, I'll be over here eating bacon-wrapped avocado fries.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. Bacon-Wrapped Puff Pastry Sticks

Prime dipping material right here. Get the recipe.

2. Loaded Crock Pot Carne Asada Tacos

Waiting all day for Sunday night. (...because that's when the Crock Pot carne asada will be ready, obvs.) Get the recipe.

3. Spicy Sriracha Chex Mix

Chex Mix on its own is good. Chex Mix mixed with Sriracha, melted butter, soy sauce, ginger, and garlic is even better. Get the recipe.

4. Avocado Hummus Dip with Crispy Sea Salt Pita Chips

I fully support the union of avocado + hummus. Get the recipe.

5. Crispy Wonton Mozzarella Sticks

With only a few ingredients, these are surprisingly easy to make. (And they're even easier to inhale by the dozen.) Get the recipe.

6. Greek Goddess Nachos with Chickpeas and Quinoa

7. Easy Buffalo Chicken Taco Ring

Done in 30 minutes — with six simple (and inexpensive!) ingredients. Get the recipe.

8. Touchdown Brownies

Sweet and salty and undoubtedly the best possible way to use football-shaped pretzels. Get the recipe.

9. Ginger Beergaritas

With habanero for an extra kick. Get the recipe.

10. Southwestern Topped Potato Rounds

Or, as I like to call them: stackable circles of glory. Get the recipe.

11. Crispy Buffalo Oven Fries

The key to getting extra crispy oven fries is parboiling the potatoes — aka boiling them lightly for just a few minutes — before roasting. Get the recipe.

12. Mini Nacho Pizzas (Vegan)

Find this and other vegan game day snacks here.

13. Easy Biscuit Pizza Poppers

The most difficult thing about making these? Opening the always-startling tube of biscuit dough. Get the recipe.

14. Bacon Wrapped Avocado Fries

Fair warning that these probably won't last through the first commercial break. Get the recipe.

15. Veggie Tray with Homemade Ranch

Yes, the veggie platter can be polarizing to some. But let's focus on what both sides can agree on: creamy homemade dip. Get the recipe.

16. DIY French Bread Pizzas

17. Spicy Oven-Roasted Chickpeas

Just chickpeas + olive oil + spices. Get the recipe.

18. The Seven & Seven

More super easy two-ingredient cocktails here.

19. Peanut Butter Cookies with Reeses Pieces

Because these deserve a test drive (or four) before Halloween rolls around. Get the recipe.

20. Vegetarian Portobello Sliders With BBQ Sauce

21. Chicken and Waffle Sliders

Mini waffles + chicken tenders + a side of syrup. Get the recipe.

22. Smoky Michelada Beer Cocktail

The spicier, the better. Get the recipe.

23. Onion Rings Wrapped With Sriracha Bacon

24. Lighter Queso Dip

Lightened up (but still delicious!) thanks to a cheesy base that's cut with a bit of chicken broth and skim milk. Get the recipe.

25. Fried Pickles with Spicy Ranch

26. Crash Hot Potatoes

Smash away. Get the recipe.

27. Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps

If the idea of eating out of a vegetable cup during a football game seems sacrilegious, swap the greens for hamburger buns. Get the recipe.

28. Totchos Supreme Burger

A remarkable feat of burger, if I do say so myself. Get the recipe.

29. Cheesy Pull Apart Bread

30. Michelada with Cayenne and Chili Power

Some say that Micheladas – Mexican beer cocktails made with lime juice and spices — can cure hangovers. (I say they *cause* them, but that doesn't stop me.)

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Get the recipe.

31. Fried Cookie Dough Bites

I don't know we got here but I'm glad we're here ~together~. Get the recipe.