Which Chemical Element Are You?

I would have taken another quiz, but all the good ones Argon.

    1. Per Harald Olsen / Via en.wikipedia.org
    2. Hisashi / Via commons.wikimedia.org
    1. David Iliff / Via en.wikipedia.org
    2. Leyo / Via en.wikipedia.org
    1. Charlesjsharp / Via en.wikipedia.org
    1. Nadiatalent / Via en.wikipedia.org
    2. http://U.S. Naval Observatory
    1. Brian Green / Via en.wikipedia.org
    1. Arma95 / Via en.wikipedia.org
  1. Flickr: joe57spike / Creative Commons
    1. Volunteer at the local animal shelter.
    2. Spring clean the house.
    3. Cook delicious food.
    4. Read comic books.
    5. Train for a triathlon.
    6. Hang out with friends at home.
    7. Get into a fight.
    8. Go out dancing.
    9. Go wherever life takes you.

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