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24 Little Things People Who Work In A Chemistry Lab Will Just Get

Kimwipes can be used for so many things.

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3. You could fill out a COSHH form in your sleep.

7. Seeing people touching door handles while still wearing their gloves makes you despair.

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9. And also at eating lunch in two minutes flat when you need to monitor something constantly.

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10. You always ace the periodic table rounds in pub quizzes.

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It's not so much that you've memorised the periodic table, just that you've seen it so often.


14. You're so used to not being able to wear shorts or open-toe shoes in the summer you don't even have any in your wardrobe any more.

15. And if you're in the cold room, you're going to need to wear two jumpers anyway.

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18. But if you find a good one you must hide it so only you get to use it.


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