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    15 Things That Scientists Just Can't Explain


    1. What would happen if a person fell into a black hole.

    2. Why it takes more genes to make a tomato than a human.

    3. How the placebo effect works.

    4. If the Viking lander found life on Mars in the '70s.

    5. How liquid water existed early in Earth's history.

    6. Where all the aliens are.

    7. Why some regions of the ocean have mysteriously low levels of phytoplankton.

    8. Why blue whales don't get cancer more often than humans do, even though they're much bigger than us.

    9. Where all the lithium that should exist in the universe is.

    10. Why magnets always have a north and south pole.

    11. Exactly how long the UK's coastline is.

    12. Why the sun's atmosphere is so much hotter than its surface.

    13. Why the Eocene epoch was so warm.

    14. Where these weird dark streaks are coming from on Mars.

    15. Where impossibly energetic cosmic rays come from.