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Tell Us About A Time When A Teen Show Did A Really Bad Job Of Handling A Serious Topic

So, is everyone else also afraid of caffeine pills now?

Teen shows are mostly there to make us laugh and entertain us with the ~drama~. Sometimes, though, they actually do a really good job of handling serious topics too.

Manny on "Degrassi" gets an abortion

Other times, however, the way teen shows handle serious topics is, uh...not great.

"Pretty Little Liars" Ezra and Aria wedding

Like on Glee, when Ryder revealed that he was sexually abused by his babysitter as a kid and everyone acted like it was totally cool.

Artie: "Why are you ashamed of this?"

Or on 7th Heaven, when Matt got caught smoking weed and they made it seem like it was literally the worst thing a person could ever do.

Simon says the joint is his and his mom sobs

Or how about on 90210, when Annie killed a man while driving drunk and barely got any punishment for it?

Annie realizes she just ran someone over

Tell us about a time a teen show did a seriously bad job of handling a serious topic and WHY it was so bad. Your response could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!