16 Times Teen Shows Did A Really Good Job Of Handling Serious Topics

    In The Fresh Prince, when Will's father abandoned him yet again, and Uncle Phil stepped in to remind Will that he was still worthy of love.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the most unexpectedly dark moments in teen TV shows. Here are the times they handled those serious issues really well.

    Warning: Some submissions include topics of sexual assault and disordered eating.

    1. In The Fresh Prince, when Will's father abandoned him yet again, and Uncle Phil immediately stepped in to remind Will that he was worthy of love.

    2. In Outer Banks, when JJ opened up to his friends and revealed that his bruises were actually from his father.

    3. In Saved by the Bell, when Jessie felt overworked and got addicted to caffeine pills, so her friends and family got her into counseling.

    4. In Family Matters, when someone pulled a gun on Laura, and another person shot her friend over a pair of shoes, so she considered buying a gun to protect herself.

    5. In 90210, when Naomi was sexually assaulted by her teacher and he knew he'd get away with it because "no one would believe her."

    6. In Boy Meets World, when Shawn started drinking without knowing that alcoholism ran in his family, and it seriously affected the way he treated himself and his friends.

    7. In The Vampire Diaries, when Damon talked to Caroline about how difficult and lonely things would feel after her mom's funeral.

    8. In Glee, when Karofsky tried to hang himself after being outed at school.

    9. In Lizzie McGuire, when Miranda started skipping meals because she wanted to lose weight before filming a music video for a school project.

    10. In The Secret Life of the American Teenager, when Adrian gave birth to a stillborn daughter.

    11. In Smart Guy, when T.J. met up with a stranger from an online chatroom, and the guy turned out to be a pedophile.

    12. In Full House, when Kimmy tried to drive home while drunk, so D.J. confronted her and revealed that a drunk driver killed her mom.

    13. In One Tree Hill, when there was a school shooting and some of the students were trapped in the same room as the shooter.

    14. In Boy Meets World, when Shawn's friend blamed herself for being beaten by her father, so Shawn let her know that the abuse wasn't her fault.

    15. In Family Matters, when Eddie was pulled over by racist cops simply because he was Black, and Carl had to teach them the dangers of racial profiling.

    16. And in 8 Simple Rules, when they wrote John Ritter's real-life death into the show, which helped tackle serious subjects like love and loss.