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Tell Us What TV Pilot Is Better Than The Actual Show

The Pretty Little Liars pilot was so freaking good.

Every great story needs a great beginning.

A scroll reading "The"

This goes for TV as well! However, have you ever seen a pilot that was somehow better than the rest of the actual show?

A bunch of fish in plastic bags saying, "Now what?"

Maybe you absolutely loved the initial tone and mystery of Riverdale, but tuned out super fast when the show became...well, Riverdale.

The cast of "Riverdale"

Perhaps, How to Get Away with Murder initially hooked you with its rich characters and interesting story, but you just couldn't get into it after the first few episodes.

Annalise Keating holding up a statue in front of her students.

Or maybe you thought the pilot of Pretty Little Liars was actually so freaking good, but then the show evolved into a total mess.

Aria holding her phone

Tell us what TV pilot you think was better than the actual show and why. Your response could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!