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Tell Us About A Female TV Character Who You Hated At First, But Then Ended Up Loving

We love character development!

Sometimes TV characters are instantly lovable from the very beginning.

Other times, it takes us a while to warm up to a character, but their development ends up being so, so rewarding.

So we want to know: What female TV character did you initially hate, but then ended up loving?

Like, maybe you found Alexis from Schitt's Creek totally unbearable and self-absorbed at first, but then loved how determined and compassionate she grew to be.

Perhaps you couldn't stand Lu on Elite because she was super mean and rude, but then you fell in love with her incredible character development in Season 3.

Or maybe you didn't care much for Santana on Glee initially, but her coming-out journey ended up being one of your favorite storylines on the show.

Santana tells her grandma she loves girls "the way she's supposed to feel about boys," that she's tried to push the feeling away but every day feels like a war

Tell us about a female TV character you initially hated but then grew to love and WHY their journey was so great. Your response could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!