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    So, "Legacies" Put On A Musical About Damon, Stefan, And Elena, And We Had A Lot Of Thoughts

    Okay, but where was Bonnie?!

    So, last night, Legacies aired a ~very special~ musical episode where the students at the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted put on a musical about the school's founding — aka, the events of The Vampire Diaries.

    Damon, Elena, and Stefan on The Vampire Diaries
    Annette Brown/The CW Network / courtesy Everett Collection

    With Josie and Hope playing Elena, Kaleb playing Damon, Jed playing Stefan, Lizzie playing Caroline, and the new monster/guidance counselor playing Klaus, we got a bunch of fun musical numbers and moments as the show went through some of the main events of the series.

    Kaleb as Damon says "Hello brother" and Jed as Stefan asks what he's doing there
    The CW

    As huge The Vampire Diaries fans, we decided to react to the episode — without further ado, here are our thoughts on the musical episode of Legacies!

    1. Kelly: Sheesh, these kids are rude to disrespect Klaus’s name like that. Show some respect!

    2. Hannah: Do people like...not know Hope is Klaus’s daughter?

    3. Kelly: Okay, I’m on Hope’s side here. If my ex made a whole musical about my family trauma, I would be seriously pissed.

    4. Hannah: Yeah, what the hell?

    Hope holds up musical flyer: "Explain now," Landon sweats: "You look really pretty"
    The CW

    5. Kelly: This is giving me serious High School Musical flashbacks.

    6. Hannah: I thought you were gonna say “second-hand embarrassment” lol.

    7. Hannah: OMG, everyone is reading for Damon!

    8. Kelly: Wow, Landon would be a Stefan fan.

    9. Hannah: Lmao of COURSE Landon loves Stefan.

    10. Kelly: Jinx.

    Landon saying he likes Stefan because he's also boring and whiny
    The CW

    11. Hannah: When does the singing start? In the Buffy musical episode, it started right away.

    12. Hannah: I love M.G.

    13. Kelly: I love how they rehearse for, like, literally two seconds and then are just like, “Okay, time for a break!”

    14. Hannah: OMG, the Elena shade. I love it.

    15. Kelly: I love the shade. I’m also here for Josie dragging Landon over this Hope stuff.

    Josie tells Landon Elena sucks and he's like "and?" so she says he sucks too
    The CW

    16. Hannah: Wait, Lizzie and Caroline aren’t even biologically related technically, but Lizzie looks just like her.

    17. Kelly: Yeah, she’s like the spitting image of Caroline!

    18. Hannah: Finally a Bonnie mention. Wait. They just said, “Bonnie just disappears for lengths at a time?” Uh, no she doesn’t? Do you mean when she DIES?

    19. Kelly: That’s a weird way to say, “Bonnie was off saving literally everyone’s asses on this show.”

    20. Hannah: LOL, them calling out the weirdness of Caroline being Alaric’s student.

    21. Kelly: Yeah, I’ll definitely give Landon a point for that.

    Landon realizing Alaric almost married a student and now is still allowed to be in charge of children
    The CW

    22. Kelly: Ugh, Hope is so pretty.

    23. Hannah: I was just thinking how she looks exactly like Klaus and Hayley!

    24. Hannah: Oh my god, this is legit just turning into High School Musical now. Remember the scene near the end where Troy goes to convince Gabriella to audition with him?

    25. Kelly: “Is that bad?” YES LANDON, THAT’S BAD.

    26. Hannah: I am searching for a reason Hope would ever date this man and I can find...none. Not one reason.

    Hope: "You used my dead dad's letter for your shitty musical lyrics?" Landon: "Is that a problem?"
    The CW

    27. Hannah: How long did it take them to put this musical together? Usually it takes months.

    28. Kelly: Yeah, how do kids in these shows always manage to put a whole play together in like two days?

    29. Hannah: Please tell me Landon isn’t self-inserting as Klaus.

    30. Hannah: Oh great, it's the guidance counselor monster dude. This has major Mr. Shue inserting himself into Rocky Horror vibes.

    31. Hannah: Finally, the musical begins!

    32. Kelly: Wooo, finally!!! Is it bad I actually kind of want this to be an actual Broadway show?

    33. Hannah: I mean, I'd see it. But I want Bonnie to be in it!

    34. Kelly: Yeah, where the hell is Bonnie??

    picture of Bonnie describing that she spent 8 season saving everyone and was a huge part of the sleeping curse, then a picture of Elena and Caroline in the musical with Bonnie cut out
    Annette Brown / The CW / Courtesy Everett Collection

    36. Hannah: Imagine being a non-Salvatore kid and wandering into this musical like, “WTF is happening?”


    38. Hannah: OMG, the outfit and the good! Okay, this is good. Josie’s got Elena down, but like, a better version.

    39. Kelly: Imagine being Elena sitting in the audience and listening to these kids singing about your parents dying.

    Josie sings "my parents are dead! Sad!" and Elena's like "wtf"
    The CW

    40. Hannah: I would pay to see Damon’s reaction to all this. Elena would definitely drag him to see the musical.

    41. Hannah: Ahhh, a villain song, I love it!!

    42. Hannah: I love that the only real duet we get is Damon and Stefan, because the whole Vampire Diaries story was really about Damon and Stefan’s relationship as brothers.

    43. Kelly: I’m loving all three of them dancing together. Amazing.

    44. Hannah: Wow, that number was...amazing??

    Josie Kaleb and Jed as Elena Damon and Stefan dancing with the caption "we put our entire choreography budget into this number, please clap"
    The CW

    45. Hannah: LOL, Hope isn’t even watching. I love how she’s painting just like Klaus, though!

    46. Hannah: Caroline!!! “Why is it never me?” This is basically her speech from the pilot and I love it!

    47. Kelly: I am LIVING for Lizzie as Caroline!

    48. Hannah: Them singing “doppelgänger”...omg stoppppp.

    49. Kelly: Uh, what just happened to Josie?!

    50. Hannah: So now Hope has to step in for Elena, I guess?

    there's a crunch as Josie's arm is broken and she says "what the hell, that was my favorite arm"
    The CW

    51. Hannah: I kinda wish they would show more of the actual plot for this musical. Like, Elena was NOT all, “omg Damonnnnnn, I can't stop thinking about him” until after Stefan left town to follow Klaus and then turned his humanity off and attacked her. She was 100% devoted to Stefan before that.

    52. Hannah: I feel like Landon probably omitted all of that and made Elena more basic/indecisive than she is (though she is basic) because that feels like something he’d do.

    53. Kelly: Yeah, definitely.

    Klaus and young Hope in the musical, with the text "where tf did this child come from?"
    The CW

    54. Hannah: Uh, where did they get this child to play little Hope??!

    55. Kelly: Aww, Hope talking about Klaus…

    56. Hannah: Okay, but Hope doesn’t know this song? How is she gonna learn it in just a few minutes with some sheet music? Ugh, the complete disregard for what it takes to put on a musical!

    57. Hannah: OMG, they’re doing the Stefan sacrifice!

    58. Hannah: “How could you be so stupid?” “I’m trying to be more like you.” Okay, I laughed.

    59. Kelly: Of course Hope is just gonna come on as Elena now lol. Can these kids at least try to pretend this was planned? Y’all are being way too obvious.

    Hope appears as Elena: "tadahhh" Lizzie: "omg hi thanks for filling in!"
    The CW

    60. Hannah: Ew, okay, that kiss was unprofessional.

    61. Kelly: Does this remind anyone else of the stupid “kiss of the century” shit Finn and Rachel pulled at Nationals on Glee? I’m getting flashbacks.

    62. Kelly: Sigh, why do literally all of Josie’s female love interests just leave? That was a good kiss, but I would have enjoyed it more if she wasn’t leaving like EVERY OTHER GIRL in Josie’s life.

    Josie: "wait why are you leaving" Jade: "we've been over this Josie, every girl you're into has to leave"
    The CW

    63. Hannah: I would've enjoyed it more if it were Hope and Josie.

    64. Kelly: Well, same.

    65. Kelly: Okay, why do we care about Alaric’s love life again?

    66. Hannah: Good for you, Alaric, getting back out there. Every girl you fall for dies, except Caroline, who left you.

    67. Hannah: CAROLINE’S VOICE!!!

    68. Kelly: AHHH, CAROLINE! Hearing Candice’s voice gives me chills.

    69. Hannah: Same. This letter came kinda late, Lizzie already played her.

    Candice King walking with coffee with the text "*walks in 15 minutes late with Starbucks* what did I miss?"
    BG026/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images / Getty Images

    70. Kelly: Okay, back to Hope and Landon now. I’m sorry, but I honestly want to push them both into the lake at this point.

    71. Hannah: Same hahahaha.

    72. Hannah: Ew, why did she thank him? Hope, he used your family’s trauma for his musical??

    Hope: "thanks for exploiting my trauma for your musical" Landon: "always babe"
    The CW

    73. Kelly: Whoa, what is happening with M.G. now?

    74. Hannah: NOT M.G.!!!!

    75. Kelly: ...well, that escalated quickly. I guess that’s a wrap!

    MG asks the monster why he did it and he says for drama
    The CW

    Final Thoughts:

    Hannah: Honestly, the musical was better than I expected! The best song was definitely “Hello Brother.” I loved them shading Elena and her sleeping curse, but I feel like there was such a missed opportunity to drag Vampire Diaries even more. Like when they started singing the “doppelgänger” song — I wanted more focus on how ridiculous that plot was. Also, not having Bonnie was a huge insult to her character. But overall, it was fun and actually kind of sweet!

    Kelly: Yeah, I’m with you on Bonnie, very disappointed she didn’t appear at all. I absolutely loved Josie and everyone dragging Elena though, major points for self-awareness haha. Agreed on “Hello Brother” being the best number — also, the surprise Caroline voiceover was amazing! I feel like they could have done more with Hope’s character this episode, though? I was bummed there was no Hosie interaction and I couldn’t care less about the Landon drama. Overall though, this was definitely a good escape watch!

    What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments!