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    "Legacies" Brought Back An Original "Vampire Diaries" Character For An Emotional Scene, And I Was Really Unprepared

    "You are not broken."

    It's been almost four years since The Vampire Diaries ended and we had to say an emotional farewell to some of the best TV characters.

    Stefan saying, "Damon" and Damon saying, "Hello, brother" during "The Vampire Diaries" series finale
    The CW

    And while I'm still living in Mystic Falls by watching Legacies, I continue to miss all of the original characters that made TVD so special.

    Kat Graham and Ian Somerhalder as Bonnie and Damon on "The Vampire Diaries"
    The CW / Everett Collection

    Namely, one of my favorite characters of all time is Caroline Forbes, and I keep praying that she'll make an appearance considering her children, Lizzie and Josie, are two of the main characters.

    The CW

    Well, my prayers were kind of answered this week when Candice King reprised her role as Caroline for a voiceover during the final minutes of the episode.

    Candice King as Caroline Forbes on "The Vampire Diaries"
    The CW

    The episode entitled "Salvatore: The Musical!" hilariously focused on the Salvatore Boarding School putting on a musical about Elena, Stefan, Damon, Caroline, and their time in Mystic Falls.

    Josie as Elena and Jed and Lizzie as Stefan and Caroline in the school musical
    The CW

    Basically we watched the plot of The Vampire Diaries play out on stage.

    Candice King and Nina Dobrev even commented on Julie Plec's Instagram about the episode expressing how excited they were to see it.

    Candice King saying, "Truly such a freakin talented bunch! Can't wait to watch" and Nina Dobrev commenting, "Yesssssss"
    @julieplec / Via

    Anyway, during the episode, Lizzie is trying to come to terms with what she wants her future to look like and finding her purpose.

    Lizzie and Josie holding hands in their bedroom
    The CW

    Some words of wisdom for Lizzie come in the form of a letter from Caroline, and unlike other mentions of Caroline in the past on Legacies, this is the first time we've heard Candice reprise her role.

    Caroline's letter saying becoming a vampire didn't change everything, she had to grown and change and build upon a "series of small moments" to become who she is today
    The CW

    In past episodes, Caroline has just been mentioned and Lizzie and Josie have gone to visit her from time to time. She hasn't been seen on screen though.

    Honestly, I got super emotional and may have shed a few tears upon hearing Candice's voice.

    Caroline's letter saying that there is nothing wrong with Lizzie and she is "not broken"
    The CW

    In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, creator Julie Plec talked about Candice King returning for the voiceover, saying, "Candice has always said that she wanted to take a nice long break from Caroline after having guested on The Originals, but she said, 'If you ever need a phone call or something, of course I'd be happy to do that anytime.' This was the first time where we felt like, because it was such a love letter to the series, that having her voice in it would be so perfect."

    This isn't the first time Candice has returned to The Vampire Diaries universe after the series finale. She also appeared in several episodes of The Originals during the show's final season.

    Caroline and Klaus talking during "The Originals" series finale
    The CW

    Basically, like me, everyone is freaking out about Candice's brief return as Caroline on Legacies.

    When I say I hit the floor and started crying upon hearing ONE word of this Caroline voiceover, I am not exaggerating. I've missed her so much #Legacies

    Twitter: @noradominick

    Here are some of the best tweets about the moment:


    Hmmm, @CandiceAccola, I wonder what Caroline's letter says? #Legacies

    Twitter: @julieplec


    CAROLINE’s VOICE😭😭😭😭 Someone send helpppp #Legacies

    Twitter: @_ITrendMyShips



    Twitter: @posievirus


    I didn’t even hear a word that Caroline said because I was crying so hard. #Legacies

    Twitter: @popcult_maven29



    Twitter: @herrerasgibson


    Oh boy I thought I was crying about Caroline Forbes 20 minutes ago, but now I am REALLY crying about Caroline Forbes. #Legacies

    Twitter: @emwendorf


    ALSO the Caroline voiceover BROKE ME... poor Lizzie, what a beautiful letter, DON'T MIND ME SOBBING. Lizzie Saltzman deserves the entire world #legacies

    Twitter: @abnormallyadam


    lizzie reading caroline’s letter was such a sweet scene #legacies

    Twitter: @josiescraft


    letters written for caroline, klaus and lizzie. I stan (1) old school letter writing family ❤️ #legacies #klaroline

    Twitter: @folkloreklaus


    Caroline did more for Lizzie with a letter than Alaric did in three seasons

    Twitter: @wildshosie

    What did you think of Caroline's voiceover? Are you like me and hoping she'll make an actual appearance soon? Tell us in the comments below!

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