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    16 Tweets You'll Understand If You're The Oldest Sibling

    On behalf of younger siblings, thank you for breaking all the rules first.

    Older siblings — love or hate them, we definitely need them. From being a third parent to paving the way for younger siblings to break the rules more easily, it's often a thankless job! Here's some tweets you'll understand if you're the oldest:



    parents when parents when their oldest their youngest child does child does something wrong something wrong


    Parents be like that’s my emotional support eldest daughter


    i’m not the oldest sibling i’m the youngest parent lol get it right


    Being an older sibling sometimes means being the "rebellious one" so that your younger siblings can enjoy the fruits of your rebellion years later


    Being the oldest daughter is traumatic but it builds character ya know


    being the older sibling means you get to watch the evolution of how your parents strictness just fades away when it comes to your younger siblings


    If you’re the oldest sibling, you’re rl a 3rd parent


    Being the eldest daughter really feels like being an unpaid intern version of young mother sometimes you know


    If you the oldest child you a experiment Like me 🤡


    when you get shotgun every time because you’re the older sibling


    Being the oldest first generation child that has to figure out everything for everyone and still be sane someway


    Being an older sibling is acc like being single parent kmt


    me being the oldest daughter in my house and my mom needs someone to yell at


    Parents with their Parents with oldest child their youngest child


    Happy Mother’s Day to the oldest daughter in each family. I’m offering the recognition you deserve here.


    being the oldest child is a compliment. think about it, ur parents decided that u were amazing and they wanted more of u.

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