People Are Sharing The TV Love Triangles That Ended With The Wrong Couple, And The Truth Hurts

    I need to brush up on trigonometry, because these don't add up.

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which TV love triangles ended with the wrong couple. Here are some of their interesting, controversial responses:

    Warning: MAJOR spoilers ahead!!!

    1. Jane, Michael, and Rafael from Jane the Virgin

    jane, michael, and rafael hugging baby

    2. Alex, Jo, and Izzie from Grey's Anatomy

    Alex leaves Jo a letter saying he's in love with Izzie

    3. Rachel, Ross, and Joey from Friends

    Ross walking in on Rachel and Joey kissing

    4. Adam, Eric, and Rahim from Sex Education

    Adam and Eric vs Eric and Rahim

    5. Veronica, Archie, and Reggie from Riverdale

    Veronica and Reggie kissing alongside Veronica and Archie

    6. Jaime, Brienne, and Cersei from Game of Thrones

    Jaime and Brienne

    7. Brenda, Kelly, and Dylan from Beverly Hills, 90210

    Brenda and Kelly with Dylan

    8. Ted, Robin, and Barney from How I Met Your Mother

    Barney and Robin wedding alongside Ted and Robin

    9. Jackie, Hyde, and Fez from That '70s Show

    Jackie and Fez

    10. Olivia, Jake, and Fitz from Scandal

    Olivia kissing Jake alongside Olivia and Fitz wedding

    11. Miles, Lola, and Tristan from Degrassi: Next Class

    Tristan to Miles: "Is there another name for someone who humps anything that moves?" Lola to Miles: "Don't worry I'm cool with the bisexual thing"

    12. Peyton, Jake, and Lucas from One Tree Hill

    Peyton with Jake alongside Peyton and Lucas

    13. Stefan, Elena, and Damon from The Vampire Diaries

    Damon and Stefan with Elena in the middle

    14. Hope, Landon, and Josie from Legacies

    Hope to Josie: "I had to make a choice, and I didn't choose Landon"

    15. Haley, Andy, and Dylan from Modern Family

    Haley and Andy

    16. Dan, Blair, and Chuck from Gossip Girl

    17. Serena, Dan, and Nate from Gossip Girl

    Serena and Dan alongside Serena and Nate

    18. Jim, Pam, and Karen from The Office

    Jim and Karen alongside Jim and Pam

    19. Effy, Freddie, and Cook from Skins

    20. Jess, Rory, and Logan from Gilmore Girls

    Rory and Logan and Jess gazing at Rory through window in the revival

    21. And finally: the love rectangle between Emily, Maya, Paige, and Alison from Pretty Little Liars

    Reminder that I, Kelly Martinez, do not necessarily endorse all of these submissions!!!

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.