19 Funny Tumblr Posts To Remind You That Not Everything Sucks

    Not all heroes wear capes. Some just have Tumblr accounts.

    1. This idea that definitely backfired:

    2. This post that made me giggle with a British accent:

    3. This person who would be TERRIBLE to be quarantined with:

    4. This realization that made me rethink Ravenclaws' intelligence:

    5. This interesting yet unsettling way to look at appliances:

    6. This pharmacist who's just given up at this point:

    7. This juggler with regrets:

    8. This post that made me chuckle and then immediately check to see if my own laptop was overheating:

    9. This image that doesn't really have any context, but honestly doesn't need to:

    10. This evil tactic I am definitely going to use:

    11. This post that has never been more relevant:

    12. This conversation that made me yeet from my chair:

    13. This very good point:

    14. This post that made me laugh so hard I actually had to explain it to my mom:

    15. This post that took an unexpected turn:

    16. This Gen Z edition of Harry Potter:

    17. This feeling that hits a little too close to home:

    18. This very accurate depiction of my brain right now:

    19. And finally, the epic battle I NEED to see:

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