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    Zoom Fatigue Is Real, And You Probably Have It If You Relate To These 16 Tweets

    Let us work in our pajamas in peace.

    If you're starting to feel a little drained by virtual meetings and video calls, you're definitely not alone. Here are a bunch of tweets for anyone who's feeling a little zoned out these days:


    Me: i miss my friends My friends: let’s video call Me: no


    Husband: you want a drink? Me: Ya, just a minute. This stupid show is almost over. My boss: It’s 9 am..and you’re not muted on this Zoom call.


    report card said i was “uncooperative with distance learning” because i didn’t attend a couple zoom meetings. i’m done dude


    It's very simple, folks, you have synchronous meetings with your students via Zoom where they ask about the discussion forums on Moodle, which are used as fodder for quizzes on KaSneezul and virtual "digi-labs" on Boopus. From there you simply log it into your Dongus Log, and


    Another week of Microsoft Teams, Zoom meetings, impromptu phone calls & passive-aggressive emails — Here we go.


    Gonna update my CV to say "survived 1000 Zoom calls that should've been an email" as part of my achievements in 2020.


    Ignoring the other person and staring at myself in a video call


    As more tech offices adopt remote working for COVID19, I have begun enforcing the following policies: 🍃 all meetings will be moved to my ACNH island 🌸 all written correspondence must be via post card 🐚 all voice chat must be over NookPhone Stay safe!


    Just got an email from a prof: “As a reminder, you are required to wear clothes during Zoom meetings.” Rules are made when they become necessary, not before.


    Finally understood what zoom meetings remind me of.


    If you thought your zoom meetings were bad, I’m WFH at my parents house and my dad just asked me “did you leave the lights on & that spoon in the sink?!” in front of all my colleagues.


    when u enter the zoom chat early and it’s just u and one other person


    Is there a term for the awkward 7 seconds at the end of a Zoom after people have said their goodbyes but are still trying to leave the meeting? If not, there should be.


    I love Zoom meetings! Because they are online, we don’t have to allow time to get from one meeting to the next! We can just have meeting after meeting after meeting!


    Make sure you take time between zoom meetings to scream at the top of your lungs


    No👏one👏is👏gonna👏wanna👏watch👏a👏show 👏about👏dating👏on👏zoom👏when👏this👏is👏over👏don’t 👏write👏it👏stay👏strong.✊✊✊

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