21 Times Archie Was Roasted Within An Inch Of His Life On "Riverdale"

    Oh, Archiekins!

    As far as Riverdale guys go, Archie Andrews is a wonderful, lovable dude.

    He's also, however, very easy to make fun of.**

    See what I mean? Look at the poor guy, he's practically begging to be roasted.

    Archie: "That means you haven't known the triumphs and defeats, the epic highs and lows of high school football"

    Here are 21 times Riverdale characters dragged Archie so, so hard:

    1. First, when Josie had this less-than-enthusiastic response to Archie wanting to work on music with the Pussycats:

    Josie: "Read my glossed lips Justin Gingerlake, not gonna happen"

    2. When his dad was not here for his wannabe High School Musical angst:

    Archie says his dad respects and understands football but not music, Fred says, "This is not about MY behavior, it's about YOUR behavior"

    3. When Veronica hit him with this zinger:

    Veronica: "You literally have zero loyalty you ginger Judas"

    4. When Kevin gently reminded him that basically everyone on the planet witnessed his disastrous variety show audition:

    Veronica says Archie has a spot if he wants it, Archie reminds her she saw what happened, Kevin replies, "We all did"

    5. When Jughead roasted Archie's attempt at being sentimental:

    Archie quietly says Jughead is like his brother, Jughead says, "Nice bro whisper"

    6. When Valerie ended him with one sentence:

    7. And then hit him with this ice-cold comeback:

    Josie: "Unlike you I won't be bought"

    8. And THEN absolutely obliterated his entire existence:

    Archie says maybe they made a mistake, Valerie responds, "We didn't do anything, I broke up with you because I thought you were a hot mess, clearly I was right"

    9. When Betty said what needed to be said:

    Archie asks if he can play songs at homecoming, Betty says the dance needs to be fun

    10. When Reggie called out his poorly thought-out defense strategy:

    Reggie: "Only a dumbass brings a baseball bat to a gunfight"

    11. When Weatherbee was less-than-impressed by Archie's Red Circle initiative:

    Weatherbee repeats Archie's video back to him and stares in disbelief

    12. When Cheryl took both Archie and Jughead down with this iconic line:

    Cheryl pushes Archie and Jughead out of the way: "Out of the way Bert and Ernie"

    13. When Chuck had this, uh, interesting choice of words for him at wrestling tryouts:

    Chuck: "I'd wreck you gingerbread man"

    14. When Jughead had the misfortune of hearing Varchie hooking up and roasted the both of them:

    Jughead: "Is that their response to everything? Can't they ever just have like a conversation?"

    15. When his mom absolutely came for his NECK:

    Mary goes off on Archie for disrespecting his father and siding with Hiram during the mayoral campaign

    16. When his dad was not here for his "it's just an expensive sports car the Lodges bribed me with" routine:

    Archie: "It's just a car," Fred: "Did I raise you to be that spoiled?"

    17. When Hiram pointed out that Archie's strategy for finding the Black Hood was, in fact, unbelievably dumb:

    Hiram: "You're going house to house to stare into men's eyes?"

    18. And when he not-so-subtly told Archie to stop creepily sneaking into his office:

    Hiram asks Archie how he got in here, says he'll "get those locks changed"

    19. When even the judge thought he was dumb for accepting the plea deal:

    Judge: "You're ignoring the advice of your counsel and your own mother?"

    20. When Josie gave him the wakeup call of a lifetime:

    Josie: "It's time for a literal and metaphorical cold shower," turns shower head on Archie

    21. And finally, when Jughead made sure that these cursed words would never, ever leave Archie's mouth again:

    Jughead: "If you promise to never bring up the epic highs and lows of high school football"

    Oh, Archiekins!

    Archie: "I survived a bear attack" alongside "Bob's Burgers" quote: "Not to be insensitive but we should drag him"